Wilson baseball gloves- A popular choice

In this post we’re going to discuss a very popular brand in baseball, and what most players and consumers prefer when they are on the field. The products we will be going over are Wilson baseball gloves and why they are such a preferred choice, plus my opinions on Wilson with experiences regarding gloves specifically.

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Why are these gloves a top choice?

This can be a question asked by a new athlete just starting out playing baseball, or someone who has played the game for some time, but never actually used a Wilson baseball glove. Wilson has been a popular company for quite some time now and I believe that success can be pinpointed to their outstanding variety of gloves ranging from youth to major leagues and from catcher’s to outfielders. Their products have been showcased in the major leagues getting use from some of the best in the game including Robinson Cano, Brandon Phillips, and Evan Longoria! Their products range from having a catcher’s mitt, a pitcher’s variety of gloves, infield gloves that vary in size, outfield gloves, and they even have training mitts to help with smoothness and quickness when you hit the field for a real game. With the large options and choices to choose from you can see why many ball players take a look at these gloves when given the opportunity.

Wilson baseball gloves for youth players

Wilson, as I have pointed out before, has a large variety of products ranging in age as well. If you are a youth player and have decided you need a new mitt than give Wilson a look as they can provide you with a high quality leather in the size you are looking for and the position you are playing. I must point out that if you are new to the sport of baseball and are looking for some equipment to start out, than I would suggest looking elsewhere for a starter glove. The reason I say this is that yes these gloves can get pricey, but also if you are still not sure whether you are going to enjoy the sport than you don’t want to spend the money just to find out you do not want it anymore.

What size should I look for?

For a basic rundown of a size explanation, I should mention that I do plan on writing an article solely on sizing for youth, teenagers, and adults later on down the road. However, if you are playing infield on your team this season than you want to be looking at gloves sizing from about 10.75″ to about 11.5″. Now third basemen usually use a slightly bigger glove due to the fact of less reaction time and many will argue they have a larger area to cover. Outfielders, you will be looking for a baseball glove sizing anywhere from 11.75 to 13+, depending on your age outfielders can use very large gloves and it comes down to what you are really comfortable using while playing. If you are stuck and can’t decide what size to get for yourself or if you are buying a glove for your son, you can always post a question in the comment box and always go smaller than what you think. The problem that many people run into is that they think they need a big glove- this is false! Buying a glove that is smaller will give you more mobility and less of an aggravation on your hand- comfortably is always most important!

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How long will my glove last?

This can be a tough question to answer, and the simple answer would be- it’s all about how well you take care of it! My Wilson baseball glove lasted me from 10 years old all the way up until college (I know that sounds crazy), But it is that I was constantly taking care of it. This includes putting glove oil on it when you think the leather looks like it is drying out, never letting it sit outside to get rained on, and not letting careless people use it. What I mean by this is that your glove when getting broken in is being fit to your specific hand size and positioning and when someone else uses it, your molding of the glove slowly begins to change and you obviously do not want this. Now my example was a bit extreme by getting about 7 years out of my Wilson baseball glove, but I have seen many players get an average of about 4-5 years of good solid use out of their glove and these people didn’t even take top of the line care for them. If you put the work in and take care of your mitt than there is no reason that one purchase will last you a very long time.

Closing thoughts/Personal experiences

I want to leave you with a few thoughts to ponder and some of my experiences with Wilson baseball gloves. If you are an experienced ball player and see a future in this sport than this can be a very smart purchase for you and could potentially save you lots of money down the road, however if you are new to baseball and have not seriously committed yourself to the sport than a purchase like this can be a little scary, and that is completely understandable! Later on I will be posting articles listing great places for newcomers and beginners searching for baseball equipment at a cheaper price. I have used Wilson from when I first started playing tee-ball all the up to a collegiant level and my latest purchase of a new glove was of course a Wilson. I am not saying that this is the only place you should look for your glove, however, it is a great place to start and browse while in the process as they will provide you with great service and quality products. Thank you for taking time to read my article, all questions and comments can be posted directly on this page! Thanks




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