Rawlings baseball gloves- Another hot pick

Today I want to share with you yet another top brand of mitts where you can find some of the best products on the market today! The items we will be looking at in this article are Rawlings baseball gloves and how they stack up against the competitors and my opinions on these products. Although these are not my favorite brand of gloves, everyone has their opinion and form of feeling comfortable on the field and that is most important. So Let’s jump into it.

Old time rawlings mitt

What is the difference in all these brands of gloves?

Basically we have gone over a few different companies that make mitts and you might be wondering what is the main difference between them. It is the leather, webbing and stitching-let’s go over this for the beginners. Every company has a different type of feel and shape to their gloves that they think will give the player the best performance out on the field, and to go along with that comment- every player has their preference on how they want their glove to look and feel on their hand. Rawlings baseball gloves feature many similar but also many different type of webbing in their mitts that some players prefer having while playing, for example a pitcher does not want to have a revealing web style on his glove because he wants to hide the ball as best as possible, however an infielder may want to have an open style web for better mobility and weight design. It all comes down to your preference and I suggest doing a thorough search on these sites to really get a feel of what they showcase and recommend for the consumer. I will also be adding pictures of different styles of webbing to give you a better idea of what I’m talking about.

Which glove is less of a hassle to break in?

There are many different ways in going about answering this question and again it’s all about what you prefer! You can go with the old style way and stick it in the oven with treatment on it, use products directly from the company you choose to purchase from that they recommend, or take the time to really get your perfect mold in your glove and play catch with it every chance you get. So back to the main point, in my opinion Rawlings baseball gloves are the easiest to break in and take less time and hassle to do so, and they even give you the option to receive the mitt already broken in most of the way to save you time and work which I think is pretty cool. This is a great option for folks that do not have much experience with breaking in a new glove and are scared that they ruin the glove in the process.

Joey votto using a Rawlings

Durability of a Rawlings

This, again, can be a highly arguable topic in the baseball world and I think the answer most players will give is that Rawlings will give you more durability than any other glove out there and in my experiences with teammates I would say this is true! They have a different feel to them than other companies products and feature a “Heart of the hide” leather that proves itself to last and stay true to its form for a long time. Again I will say it’s all about how you take care of your mitt and treat it while on and off the field. Every company will feature glove oil and lotion that is recommended to be put on every once in a while to keep your glove moisturized and feeling like new. A great time to apply is when you know you won’t be using it for a couple of days or even in the off-season to let it sit on the glove and give it time to nourish.

How do I know when it’s time for a glove upgrade?

This can be a very challenging decision when deciding whether it’s time to buy a new glove and I will give you a few pointers and things to look out for when in the process. Basically what you want to be looking for is any major damage to the glove such as dry rot spots (I will provide picture examples), broken strings or webbing, or if you have outgrown your mitt. If you have had your glove since little league and you think the size is becoming an issue than maybe ask to borrow a teammates larger sized glove and give it a shot when warming up and playing catch to see if you like the feel because many times players will think their glove is too small but n reality, that’s what you feel most comfortable in. Trust me, I can almost guarantee that there are a handful of major league players using a smaller sized glove than you right now and it’s because that’s what they prefer and what they feel gives them the most durability and mobility on the field. However, if your glove does indeed have rotting or major damage than you may want to consider shopping for a new glove and give yourself a fresh start on taking care of a brand new glove. Although top of the line gloves can run a high price it is a good investment for the consumer if they keep great care of the glove and make it last for 4-5 years or more!

Closing thoughts and advice on where to shop

We’ve covered a wide range of discussion in this article and maybe now you have a better idea of what separates these high quality companies from one another. If you feel like you may be interested in purchasing a new glove in the near future I can’t stress enough the importance of doing your research first. If you like the look of a mitt online, but just are not sure how it will feel on your hand then visit a local sporting goods store and take a peak around to find the brand of mitt you prefer and this will also help with choosing the correct size for your liking. The web stores of popular gloves can become a bit overwhelming at times and for a new consumer you could get stressed all these different products and choices. One piece of advice is to keep it simple! You don’t want to buy a fancy glove with custom attachments and then end up not liking it, so keep it simple in the buying process to ensure you will enjoy your mitt and enjoy competing with it. You can find these web stores very easy by punching in the brand name and finding the tab labeled “gloves”, then it’s up to you to find the type and size of mitt you are looking for. If you have any questions or concerns when traveling through the buying process or just don’t know where to start please feel free to comment or email me at the address posted below and I will be happy to provide you with tips and advice on where to go. Thank you for taking the time to read this article and I hope this helped you get a better idea of yet another popular brand of baseball gloves!






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